10 Cheap Date Ideas For Winter Time

10 Cheap Date Ideas For Winter Time

It’s officially winter time so if you’re in a place like me where it snows a lot, it may seem like you’re limited when it comes to fun date ideas, especially ones that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money; but trust me, there are plenty of cheap and inexpensive date ideas for the winter time!

Remember, it’s not about how much you can spend, it’s about spending time together and having fun. With that said, let’s jump right into the cheap winter date ideas.

Life is a gift and so is your girl. Appreciate both.Check Out Holiday Decorations

If you both (or just her) love holiday decorations with all the lights, check them out at your city’s park and take a nice stroll around, take pictures together and enjoy the holiday spirit.

You can also go check out local neighborhoods; many places have so much holiday spirit that they invite locals to check them out.

Don’t worry, I know it’s cold outside so you can even just do a nice slow drive through many neighborhoods together.

Ice Skating

There are tons of places to go ice skating for free, you basically have to rent the skates if you don’t own a pair. But this would be a fun date, especially if one (or both) of you aren’t very good at ice skating. This date would be filled with lots of fun, laughter and falling.

But of course you’ll be the gentleman and help her up or catch her if she falls… or takes her down if you fall. Either way, you’ll be supporting each other trying to hold each other up.

Play In The Snow

Build a snowman. Make snow angels. Have a snowball fight. The snow tends to bring out the inner kid out of all of us and it’s so hard to resist making a quick snowball just to throw at someone.

Plus, once it’s all over and you need to warm up, guess who’s there to help you get warmed up.

Do An Outdoor Winter Photoshoot

We all take pictures from our phones so why not take advantage of the beautiful winter scenery? There are tons of ice sculptures, snow sculptures or just simple pictures in the snow. There’s something about the snow that makes photos that much more special and when you’re sharing that moment with that special person in your life, even better.

Have An Indoor Picnic

Are you missing the spring and summer time already? Are you snowed in? Why not surprise your lady with an indoor picnic! Set up a blanket, pillows, a rose in a vase, plates and picnic food in a basket. Don’t forget the wine!

Sometimes an indoor picnic is better than one outside!

The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take seriousHold A Two-Person Dance Party

Gentlemen, women love to dance, there’s no secret behind that. Why not surprise her with some of your dance moves? Even if you don’t like to or can’t dance, there’s no one watching so you two can dance freely all you want.

Have fun jumping around getting down while mixing it up with some slow dances.

It may sound cheesy but trust me, you’ll get so many brownie points just for trying. Plus, I’m sure you’ll both have fun!

Play A Drinking Game (Or Any Game)

If you’re trapped in the house during the winter, more than likely you’re probably having a drink or two anyways. Why not have some fun doing it? There are plenty of fun drinking games but if you don’t drink, just play a regular game and have a fun competition against each other and the loser has to do something for the winner.

Netflix And Chill…

Wait, get your mind out the gutter! I was referring to actually watching a movie together! Make some hot chocolate, maybe some s’mores and wrap the two of you up with a large blanket and enjoy.

Whatever happens after that is up to you two!

Shoot A Video Together

Come up with an idea on a video to make together and go out and shoot it with your phones. You can give each other characters to play or just be yourselves. The point is to be able to capture video of you two together and who knows, maybe it’ll turn into an annual tradition.

Go To A Coffee Shop And Pretend It’s A First Date

Maybe you two have been together for months, years, decades; why not pretend to go on a first date with each other. What would you do differently? Maybe put on a show so others in the coffee shop can learn a thing or two on their next first date.

This would be a perfect time to pretend to go on a first date again without having all those butterflies in your stomach. Or maybe she still gives you butterflies… but now you don’t have to impress, you can literally just be yourself and she’ll love you for it.

Then again, you should’ve been yourself the entire time.

Whatever you end up doing for a winter date or just a date in general, it never has to be expensive. The point is to be in each other’s company and enjoy time together.

What are some of your inexpensive winter date ideas?