Our Vision At MrGentlemansGuide.com

Gentleman Quotes - Not every man in a suit and tie is a gentleman. Not every gentleman wears a suit and tie.Our vision is to try to inspire men to become better forms of themselves or become “gentlemen”. We feel a lot of people have this impression that a “gentleman” is simply someone who wears nice suits all the time; in actuality, the clothes have nothing to do with it. It’s the character of the man that defines one as a true gentleman.

We want to encourage people to better themselves each and every day and hopefully they’ll pass those positive vibes to their surroundings. We want to encourage good old school values in a society that is always changing. The only thing that shouldn’t change is the positivity of bettering one’s self.

Additionally, we want to help show chivalry is not dead and that romance should still be a part of a great relationship. We want to encourage people to actively show their significant others that.