How To Express Love In A Long Distance Relationship

How To Express Love In A Long Distance Relationship

So, you just found out your girlfriend/boyfriend has to move for work or school, and of course you feel sad, but you want to encourage them because it’s a great opportunity for them. Now it’ll be tough, and if you’re in a bind and need suggestions on how to express love in a long distance relationship, keep reading!

Being so far apart from each other is not easy but if both parties want to make it work, it’ll work. It’ll take some creativity, lots of trust and dedication. In the long run, if you guys love each other to make it work, you two will eventually make a decision to be with each other permanently under one roof so if you think about it, the long distance is really just a temporary speed bump.

If you’re in or have been in a long distance relationship before, then you know it’s very tough. I speak on it from personal experience; but instead of looking at the negatives, let’s focus on the positives so you can focus on how to express love in your long distance relationship.

Match her effort, respect her hustle, support her ambition, protect her heart, value her loyalty, uplift her spirit, love her unconditionally. Make An Effort

This should go without saying but being in a long distance relationship, it takes even more effort to make it work. You’ll now need to plan when to talk or video chat, be creative with ways of keeping the spark alive and figure out ways of making each other feel love and appreciated from afar.

So, how do you do it?

Subtle Picture Reminders

With social media and technology, it’s easy to communicate throughout the day but it’s how you do it that separates it from “just another picture”.

You can send “wish you were here” pics to show that you really miss them. You can send pictures of you guys dressed up to go to work or an event as reminder on how you guys gush over how beautiful/handsome each other are. You can even just send pictures of random things that remind you of each other.

It shows that you remember and you obviously miss them.

Send Snail Mail

If I had to guess, I would say you probably never sent snail mail to your girlfriend/boyfriend before, huh? Well, long distance relationships help you get creative with it. I mean, there’s just something sweet and very personal about a handwritten letter to each other.

To top it off, include a developed picture of you two from a specific time she’ll love and it’ll put an instant smile on her face.

Care Packages

Speaking of sending mail, care packages will instantly put a smile on their face, especially knowing you put thought into whatever you decide to include in it.

For instance, if he/she was sick, gather a can of chicken noodle soup, medicine, tissues, a handwritten card, a picture of you and a teddy bear to make them feel better. They may feel better by the time your care package arrives, but it’s the thought that counts. Plus, this is just an example, you can really do anything.

And surprise them with it! Don’t mention it, let them find out when it arrives so it’ll make them feel extra special that you went through that trouble because you care.

Plan A Date Together (Through Video Chat)

I know it may sound corny but it’s a creative way to actually spend time together, even though you’re not actually together in person.

For instance, you can do a Netflix night in which you guys both video chat while watching the same movie or show together. Or go for a walk in a park and show each other things they would be interested in. If there are specific foods you both like, get take out and have dinner together.

Texting her good morning beautiful instantly puts her in a good mood. It lets her know that she is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning.Video Chat Daily

Speaking of video chat, talking and seeing each other daily would be nice. It doesn’t even have to be long, just a quick check-in to say goodnight or good morning. It’s a great way to start the day and end the day.


Good Morning/Night Texts

This shows you’re thinking about them first thing as you wake up and they’re the last thing you want to think about before you go to sleep.

If you need some ideas or suggestions on some long distance relationship messages for your girlfriend, check out our posts “Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her”, “Cute And Romantic Goodnight Texts For Her” and “Sweet Things To Text Your Girlfriend In The Morning”.

Inside Jokes

Inside jokes is something that is just between you two so it makes it that much more special. But if you remember something funny that only you two know about, spend them a quick text or picture so they can get a good laugh in too.

For example, this girl I used to see was scared of walking across the train vents you see on sidewalks and used to pull me away from it thinking one day it would break open as I stepped on it. I remember one day I was about to walk on it and stopped, laughed about it to myself and snapped a quick picture of me walking around it and sent it to her. She enjoyed it very much.

Actually Pay Attention

Whether you’re on the phone or video chatting, you can easily be distracted by the background noise, maybe cooking dinner or some choirs you were doing, but make sure you’re actually giving them your undivided attention. Since you don’t get to see each other in person that often, those one on one times on the phone mean that much more, even if it’s as simple as seeing how their day went.

For you to actually pay attention and want to hear how their day went makes them feel special and appreciated.

Absence makes the heart grow fonderSurprise Them With A Visit

This takes some careful planning because you’ll need to figure out their schedule too but surprising them in person would put a big smile on their face. If it’s an event that’s really special to them, then they would probably get emotional at the moment they see you.

Make sure you bring a little something sweet and nice for her too like flowers or something she would love.

Planned Next Visit

Besides the surprises, the planned visits give you both something to look forward to and you can count down the days.

Don’t Forget Romance

Whether it’s romantic or sexy, make sure you make time to include that to keep that spark going from afar. I mean, there’s always things you both can do on video chat in the privacy of your own rooms. Just saying. 😉

Trust me when I tell you this, being apart will only strengthen your relationship and make you appreciate it that much more. Being apart gives you a real reason for missing them. People who are in relationships and get to see each other regularly sometimes take for granted the small things they’ll probably never know because they’ve never experienced a long distance relationship and the extended time of how much they miss each other… and love each other.

You know what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and in this case, it’s definitely true.

How To express love in a long distance relationship