7 Sweet And Romantic Things To Surprise Her With At Home

7 Sweet And Romantic Things To Surprise Her With At Home

Is your lady having a rough day or week? Or maybe you just want to surprise her with a romantic gesture just because? Well, there are plenty of ways to show your lady how much you appreciate her but what better way than to surprise her with some sweet and romantic gestures at home.

The best time to surprise your woman is when she least expects it. When your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or her birthday approaches, she’ll probably know you’re plotting something, so these unexpected random romantic gestures will make her feel that much more appreciated, especially if she’s having a rough day. Plus, you never need an additional reason to show your lady you love her and you appreciate her.

Before we get into the 7 sweet and romantic gestures to surprise her with at home, here are some tips beforehand.

Be Inconspicuous – The whole point is to surprise your lady so you have to be really inconspicuous about things. If she knows you, she’s going to know when you’re acting weird and when you’re up to something. You have to be slick. Don’t start asking her questions like when she’s going to be home if that’s not something you normally ask.

PlanningPlanning is Key – Find out when she’s going to be home without asking her. If you live together, you should have a general idea on when she’s going to be home. You’ll have to give yourself enough time to set up for the surprise and make sure you include a buffer in case she comes home earlier than usual.

If you two work the same hours, see if you can leave early one day so you can set everything up for the surprise.

Say you’re going to do a surprise on a Wednesday, make sure you get what you need before the day so all you have to do is set up when you get home.

Get An Idea On How She’s Doing That Day – I’m sure you two text throughout the day so you should have a general sense on how her day is going. But say she’s just too overwhelmed with work or school; it might not be the best time to surprise her that day. You should know your lady well enough to know if you should continue with the surprise.

Now that we got that out the way, let us get into the 7 sweet and romantic things you can surprise her with at home!

Romantic sunset with wine1. Make Her A Fancy Dinner – Cook her favorite dinner (or buy it from a restaurant) but don’t just do that. It’s all about presentation and making her feel special. Here’s an idea on what to do…

Dress up in nice clothes and greet her at the door. Make a full program (write on it “dinner reservations for the beautiful woman in the world”) for the evening including details on the meal and drinks. Escort her to the table (set up plates, silverware, a vase with flowers, candles) and pull out her chair. Offer and pour her wine (or her preferred drink) then serve the appetizers first, the main course and then dessert. Make sure you clear the table (and do the dishes later as well), ask if she needs anything else then bring her the bill. On her bill, write something like “total cost (gratuity included) = xoxo’s” or something equivalent.

She’ll love the fancy and romantic dinner surprise!

2. Flowers – Anyone can give flowers but again, it’s the presentation and meaning that will make it thoughtful and special. Give her a flower for each month (or year if you’ve been together a long time) and include a card that says “X years, Y months, Z minute and counting with you has been the greatest time of my life…”

Another idea is to get a dozen flowers (if you know her favorite flower, get those) and have 10 be the same color, like red roses, and the other two, say white roses, and have a note saying “you will never stand alone”. A lot of flower shops also dye flowers so you can even consider dying the two flowers her favorite color.

Leave the flowers where she’ll see it immediately when she walks in the door then as she’s done reading the card, step out and greet her. If you want, you can even add the fancy dinner idea above to this!

Don’t worry, fellas, Flowers Fast does same day delivery if you’re spontaneously doing this.

3. Draw Up a Bath For Her – Again, presentation shows thoughtfulness and makes her feel special.

Set up candles, rose pedals, soothing music in the bathroom. Greet her at the door, offer to take her jacket, purse and give her a little shoulder massage. Tell her you know she works hard so she should just relax.  Let her know you drew up a bath for her (don’t fill the tub until she’s ready or the water will be cold).

In case you don’t know what to get for a nice bath, this French Vanilla Bath Gift Set will get you started!

4. Write Sweet Post-It Notes – If you two are the only ones that live together then write some sweet post-it notes and post it throughout the house where you know she will eventually see – inside cabinet door, fridge, by the light switch, bathroom mirror, etc. She might not see all of them for days or weeks but each time I bet it’ll put a smile on her face.

5. A Surprise Massage – I’m sure at this point you know it’s all about presentation. Make a paper trail for her to follow right when she opens the front door. Lead it to the room where you have the massage setup at and tell her you know she had a long day and you would love to give her a much-needed massage. Make sure you have massage oils and everything!

Couple-Slow-Dancing6. Ask Her For A Dance – Do you two have your own song? Can you slow dance to it? Are you not a big dancer? These should give you more of an incentive because it’ll definitely surprise her. Make a rose pedal trail to the living room, as she opens the door play the song so she can hear it and when she comes into the room (where you’ll be dressed up and waiting with flowers), ask her for a dance. Make sure you tell her you love her.

7. A Small Gift She Mentioned Before – Has she been talking about a specific thing she thought was cute or that she wanted? Maybe it was a teddy bear, a shirt saw window shopping, a particular box of chocolate? Surprise her with whatever it was. Hide it in a place you know she will go to (if she puts her coat in the closest, try putting it in there with a note). She’ll appreciate it no matter how small the gift is because the whole point is you paid attention and listened to her.

Every woman, every relationship is different so it’s up to you to listen and pay attention to what she likes and execute. For instance, if she doesn’t like flowers then don’t get it for her. If she feels uncomfortable with massages, don’t do that. You should customize it to what you think she likes. You can even wrap all of these ideas all together into one, if you want!

All and all, let’s keep showing the ladies that chivalry is not dead and romance her even when she doesn’t expect it.

Sweet and Romantic Things To Surprise Her With At Home