A True Gentleman Doesn’t Kiss And Tell

A True Gentleman Doesn’t Kiss And Tell

There are a lot of guys (and gals) who like to talk and/or brag about what goes on in the privacy of their own their love life but that should stay between the two of you. What goes on behind closed doors is no one’s business that is not involved.

It’s rare nowadays, I know, but think about it as the ultimate secret your love chose to reveal to you so you shouldn’t break that unspoken trust. There will probably be peer pressure from your friends to talk about it but you can respectfully decline to answer. If they’re your real friends (and hopefully mature), they’ll respect your decision not to say anything. If they’re not your real friends, well, the answer to that is easy.

Keeping quiet on your private life should go for all relationships, even if you are no longer with that person or speak to them. A true gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell whether it’s with current relationships or past.

Be a true gentleman, for not only your lady, but for yourself.