How To Get Over A Breakup As A Guy

How To Get Over A Breakup As A Guy

Breakups are always hard and regardless of what people really think, us guys really do take it to heart. Yes, we all handle it differently but some do it the wrong way and potentially end up hurting themselves more as well as others.

Don’t be that guy.

Now there is a difference between “a break” and “breaking up”. The latter of the two is officially done and it’s time to move on. Now if you’re at that point, please feel free to continue reading.

Let’s start with…

The Things You Should Absolutely NOT Do After A Breakup

Do NOT Jump Into Another Relationship

Some people think jumping into another relationship will help but it won’t. You need time to heal and there’s no set time for that. If you aren’t fully happy and your mind is not there, don’t be selfish and play with someone else’s emotions trying to heal.

No drama on social mediaDo NOT Hurt Yourself Or Others

I think that should go without saying but that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from doing it. Hurting yourself and hurting others go hand and hand. If you hurt yourself, you’re hurting others that care about you. I understand she was “your world“, but trust me when I tell you this, there are other worlds in this universe.

Do NOT Bring It To Social Media

I’m sure over time, people will find out but do not bring unnecessary drama to social media. I’m sure you want to get a lot of things off your chest but social media is not the place to do that. Hopefully you have a good support system with family and friends for that.  If you have absolutely no one, you can hit your keyboard hard and chat with me on Facebook.

Do NOT Stop Your Life

I think one of the worst things you can do is to just sit there locked in your room staring at the ceiling. Life doesn’t stop. If you’re in school and don’t go, you fail. If you have a job and you don’t go, you get fired. Don’t ruin your life, be strong!

With that said, here are some tips on:

How To Get Over A Breakup As A Guy

Get Rid Of All Her Contacts

Don’t give yourself any reason to be able to contact her. If you don’t have any of her contact information, then you won’t be able to.

Yes, that includes potentially drunk texting her, begging her to come back. That will probably highly likely so avoid that all together.

Delete her number from your phone as well as any places it’s backed up to. Delete her personal emails and work emails from your contacts as well as your email history. Delete her social media profiles (yes, all of them).

Matter of fact, take down the pictures of her on your social media accounts too. They’re just going to be a reminder of someone you don’t want to be reminded of.

Don’t Be “Friends” With Her

More often than not, being “friends” with your ex simply doesn’t work out, especially for the person who was dumped. And if that person was you, move on.  You don’t want to be that guy that hangs on for hope, especially if it’s not there.

Yes, I know there are rare occasions where you can still be “friends“, but truthfully, how often does that happen outside of TV shows?

Don’t Do Anything Stupid, It’s Not Worth It

If you feel like drinking your pain away or think doing drugs will help, it won’t. It’ll make you even worse off and it’ll cause you to do stupid things. I’m not even talking about drunk texting either! Drinking often times brings out those emotions you have bottled up and it will definitely make you do stupid things; things you may regret.

This is an example of potentially hurting yourself. Please don’t do that.

work-outKeep Busy In A Good Way

This would be the perfect time to work out regularly. Take up a new hobby you’ve been procrastinating about. Surround yourself with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Use this time to stay busy in a productive way.

Take Time To Better Yourself

We should all take time to work on bettering ourselves each and every day but after a breakup is an even better time to do it. It’s important to build your way back up to happiness in an independent manner. If you’re not happy with yourself, believe me, you won’t be happy in the next relationship you jump in.

Let It All Out

I’m guilty of this but if you keep things bottled in, one day you’re just going to explode. If you have to yell, scream, shed tears, hit a punching bag, get it all out. If you don’t, one day it’ll all come out at a random time when you almost feel like you’re about to snap.

Let it all out when you’re in control of it, not when it’s in control of you.

Embrace The Single Life

The grass is always greener on the other side. Well, now you can go to the other side. I’m not saying to go sleep around but go do things that you never could or didn’t get a chance to when you were with her.

I remember when I got out of a long relationship, I found myself traveling a lot more. There was never a need to go to Vegas when we were together but I wanted to experience how it was so I did.


Everyone is different and we all cope with situations in our own ways. Some can bury their emotions deep to get over it quickly. Some take months. Some never fully get over it. But remember those times where you said you couldn’t live without her? Look at you breathing and living like a boss!

Just be patient and as cliche as it sounds, take it one day at a time. One day you’ll wake up and be fully over it and it’ll be such a liberating feeling getting back to being happy, solo.