10 Wrong Ways To Approach A Woman

10 Wrong Ways To Approach A Woman

There are a lot of wrong ways to approach women. Trust me, I know. I’ve had a lot of practice, which led to a lot of rejection. But ultimately, you find what works for you and run with it.

Before I continue, let me go on record and say I have never done a bunch of these before, but can say I have seen it with my own eyes.  Also, I have asked women on their thoughts of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to men approaching them. We’ll get into that at the end of this article.

Here are the 10 wrongs ways to approach a woman:

Yelling From A Car

I’ve read there’s a lot of flirting that goes on between people in traffic, this is not what I’m talking about. That requires two people that are interested in each other and they send nonverbal signals of flirting.

You know that song “No Scrubs”? Don’t be that guy in the passenger side of your friends car trying to yell out the window at women.

Tell me when is the last time that has ever worked… exactly.

And don’t start following her, which leads me to the next one…

A simple hello could lead to a million thingsBeing Too Persistent Or Staker-ish

If she’s not interested, let it go. Don’t follow her (especially when you guys are driving) and don’t keep trying to convince her to give you a chance because odds are you’re creeping her out even more.

On top of that, you never want to make a woman feel unsafe. Being too persistent and stalker-ish will make most feel unsafe.

Pickup lines

They don’t usually work. Yes, if you have a good approach and delivery, it might just work because she’ll think you’re either cute or funny.

More often than not, they’ll think it’s cheesy, corny or just plain stupid so say the pickup lines for telling jokes to your friends.


Whistling at women, yelling and shouting inappropriate things at them will not work. Matter of fact, it might get you slapped. It’s disrespectful so please don’t do this.

At A Place They Want To Be Left Alone

Example: the gym. She’s working out, focused in her zone, has her headphones on, she probably doesn’t want to be disturbed in general, let alone get hit on.

Another example: On the street late at night. More than likely she’s going to be cautious about walking home alone at night; and for a guy to try to hit on her at that time of night will make her feel even more unsafe.

Call Her “Baby”, “Sweetie”, “Sexy” or Anything On Those Lines

Did you know a lot of women actually don’t like being called “sweetheart“, “baby“, “sexy thang” from strangers? Most are probably nice enough to not say anything, but some will tell you upfront they don’t like that.

If you’re looking to talk to her, just ask her for a name. If she’s interested, she’ll be glad to tell you. Yes, women usually can tell within seconds if she thinks you have potential or not.

Additional information: Women don’t like being told to “smile” by random guys.  I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve seen women complain about this on social media.

Buying Her A Drink

I was going back and forth with friends on this one and I’m sure a lot of people will disagree. I believe buying her a drink just to talk to her is a wrong way to approach her. It’s almost as if you’re paying just to talk to her. Although, yes, that can be an ice breaker but you don’t even know if she has a boyfriend and you just bought her a drink.

Save your money and just talk to her. If she’s interested, single and you guys click, then that’s when you can offer to buy her a drink. Or wait and take her on a date and that’s when you can buy her a drink with dinner.

Making It Seem Like You’re Doing Her A Favor

Confidence is good. Cockiness is not. Don’t play games, don’t try to pull reverse psychology and don’t make it seem like she’d be lucky to be with a guy like you. If you act like your God’s gift to women and make it known, that’s more of a turnoff from cockiness than anything.

A gentleman should be honest to everyone including himself at all timesSaying Things You Think She Wants To Hear

She’s a stranger, don’t start saying things you think she wants to hear like you already know her. Did you just tell her you like her? How? You don’t even know her. She could be crazy for all you know.

Be yourself and don’t change who you are for anyone. If being yourself doesn’t work, then clearly they’re not the right one for you.

Being Too Physical Or Unwanted Touching

It’s never okay to touch any woman when it’s unwanted. Grabbing her by the arm to try to talk to her, going up to her and start grinding at a bar/club, putting your arm around her without even introducing yourself are things you shouldn’t do. Respect her space.


Okay, maybe I have used a pickup line or two before. Sue me!

When it comes down to it, often the simplest approach works the best; just be you and go up to her to introduce yourself. A simple “hello, my name is X” can go a long way.

Not to sound cheesy but if you end up in a serious relationship and people ask you two how you met, you can technically say you had her at “hello“.

We tend to over think things because we’re all trying to stand out from the crowd. Believe it or not, you are standing out from the crowd with this simple approach and just being yourself.

Be respectful, be yourself and that usually is the best way to approach women. Yes, there will be rejection, that is simply bound to happen; but eventually you’ll find that right woman.

Wrong Ways To Approach A Woman