Never Let Her Walk Home Alone

Never Let Her Walk Home Alone

Gentlemen, this should be pretty obvious but you should never let your lady walk home alone. It’s dangerous outside, and although I’m sure she is a strong woman and can take care of herself, you want to make sure your lady is safe and you do your best to protect her.

If you’re driving her home (or taking a taxi or Uber together), you should get out the car and walk her to the door so you know she got inside her house just fine. If for some reason you can’t do that, at least wait around to see if she got into her house safely before driving away. You never know, she could have lost or forgot her keys and you don’t want her to be stranded outside alone at night.

If she’s taking a taxi or Uber home alone, ask her to text or call when she gets home to make sure she’s safe. Or you can simply call her when you think she should be home and make sure she got back safely.

It’s the simple things. Make sure she’s safe.